Immigration Document

Certified copy of family register, Certified copy of expulsion, Certificed copy of national register, Resume, Personal statement, Proof of career, Proof of retirement, Certificate of business registration, etc.

Study-Abroad Document
Certified copy of family register, Proof of graduation(expected), Diploma, Proof of enrolment, Student record, Transcript, Health record, Award, Recommendation, etc.

VISA Document
Poof of enrolment, Transcript, Student record, Proof of employment, , Tax, Certificate of business registration, Certificate of Vat statement for assessment etc.

Financial Gurantee
Certificate of financial support, Appointment letter of guardian, Power of attorney for guardian, Proof of bank account, Certificate of employment withholding, Certificate of Grade A earned income tax, Certificate of bank balances, etc.

Business Document
Articles of incorporation, Business registration certificate, Certified copy of the register, Financial statements, Accounting reports, Bank statement, Power of attorney, Minutes, Introductory letter of company, Trade documents etc.