American attorney

Baek Ji Woon

American Bar(New York/New Jersey)
University of Pittsburgh (JD)
Boston University, master degree in graphic design(MFA)
Ewha Womans University, master degree in Occidental Painting(MFA)
Ewha Womeans University, bachelor's degree in Occidental Painting

English + Korean

사진 Yang Jung Hwan

American Bar(New York/New Jersey)
St. Johns University College of Law (JD)
Texas State University, master degree in computer science
Yonsei University, bachelor's degree in the history department
Daewon Foreign Lannguage High school, specialized in Japaness

English + Korean +Japaness

Kim Yang Hee

American Bar (New York/Illinois)
DePaul University College of Law (JD)
Boston University, bachelor's degree in Economics, History/minor in International relations
Daewon Foreign Lannguage High school, specialized in French
New York and Illinois Attorney

English + Korean + Japanese

Lee Eun Ji

American Bar (New York)
College of Law, London (LPC) (England)
University College of London, master degree in Public International Law (LLM)
Queen Mary, University of London (LLB)
International School of Stuttgart (Germany)
Emigrated to Italy

English +Italian + German + Korean

Specialized members Technical translation

Park Tae Hyung

Hanyang University, bachelor's degree in electrical engineering
Hynix (Hyundai Electronic Industry), Global business 20years
Director in charge of international division
Sojourning employee at the German office 4 years + resident in New Zeland 4 years
Practice area: IT manufacturing + Bio + New Regeneration Energy + Agriculture and fisheries + Environment

English + Korean


山東 University, completed a course in enterprise management&marketing, 2 years (China)
Cheongju University, bachelor's degree in Commerce and Trade
Field experience: worked in manufacturing business, Ochang industrial complex
Practice area: IT technology business + Trade + Manufacturing process +Plant set-up

Chinese + English + Korean

General translation


遼寧 National Open University, bachelor's degree in trade engineering (China)
Field experience: Travel agency, Taxation bureau, Nurse
Field experience: Corporation•Individuals papers

Chinese + Korean


Hwang Mi Ran

Dongduk Women's University, bachelor's degree in Korean Language and literature
Practice area: literature + proofreading + reporting + reviewing

English + Korean